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 Project name: Rent or sell children’s mobile play equipment                                                      

 Investment amount: 50000~100000 USD               Industry: entertainment                                                                         

Brand origin: Australia                                Franchising country:  Global city

Franchise: Single shop franchise; regional agent




Project Overview:

One-stop solutions to mobile play equipment,  available in a wide range of different combinations. Give your little one the VIP experience with their own private oasis to climb, slide, jump and play in style. Our extensive range envelopes backyard play equipment,soft play equipment,fitness play equipment,indoor playgrounds, water play equipment,inflatable play equipment, large toys, we have them all here. Our variety of sizes and styles of indoor/outdoor play equipment allows to fill a small area or a large area. operators easy to install, maintenance and cleaning.

We aim to provide mobile play equipment for kids such as birthday and holiday celebrations, family event, or any other special event where children are present. Indoor/out  play equipment for all ages, budgets and design requirements.

Advantages of franchise:

Reduced risk of failure
Product advantages
Marketing advantages
Brand recognition and loyalty
Increased buying power
Higher profits
Better chance of finance
Being your own boss
Opportunities to grow

Franchise support:

Product support
Brand support
Marketing support
Logistics distribution support
Regional protection support
Activities planning support
Training support
Media advertising support
After-sales support

Investment expectations:

Franchising can be a worthwhile option for those who young people who want to start a business. as low-risk, high-reward investment, franchising has advantages with numerous benefits.Your franchise ROI will depend on many factors, but we support franchisees to grow and build their businesses and achieve greater success. We will help franchiser increase your ROI.

Join conditions:

1.With certain brand management concepts and consciousness, identify the business management model of the headquarters

2.Have a certain start of funds and have a good entrepreneurial mentality. The franchisee must have the right cognition and sufficient psychological preparation for investment risks. The high probability of success is not equal to success.

3.Products display area or operating place,

4.Can be legally operated, actively cooperate with the company’s market operation, and gradually form a regional layout.

5.Franchise fee:20000 USD; security deposit:20000 USD

Process of Franchising:

1.Understand the project

2.Apply for franchise

3.Signing the contract

4.Franchise training

5.Store opening

Regional brand display:


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