Wholesale & Sourcing

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This is a global sourcing/wholesale platform. We provide high-quality goods at most favorable price, All products come from the world factory direct sales.

International Trade

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This is a international trade platform, which contain from all over the world manufacturers, exporters, service providers, importers, wholesalers, traders , distributors, retailers, trade promotional bodies, trade show organisers. Our platform focuses on helping importers/exporters to establish contacts and explore global market. You don't have to think about language, currency and cultural barriers. Reduce staff redundancy, business costs, and find opportunities to sell products around the world. As a professional platform for global trade, The companies from all over the world will be able to handle all types of trade through our platform.

Global Freelancer

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This is a platform for global freelancers, including journalists, writers, computer programmers, engineers, photographers, videos, draftsmen, translators, designers, IT professionals, marketing, etc. Employers can find and hire professional temporary workers all over the world. Freelancers can work at their own pace. As a professional platform for freelancers around the world, we empower people and create business opportunities.

International Business

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This is a global platform about life and business, including life, work, entertainment, learning, finance, industry, commerce, etc. You can connect people from all over the world, they have the same hobbies or the same profession. We're building the world's stage for life and business. As a professional platform for global event promotion, you can publish your event and find the right people around the world. You can reach a greater target audience than ever before with filters optimized to hit specific categories and cities all around the world.

Import/Export trade news

International business information