Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions for membership?

You must be in the legal age of the country of residence.

What is “Dol”?

“Dol” is just a currency metric in units of 1.

Does the platform archive chat messages between buyers and providers?

We value your privacy very much, but as a basis for legal disputes, users’ chat messages are regularly archived and deleted.

Can I cancel my registration?

    Of course you can, If you don’t satisfy with our service or it didn’t fit your need, we’re welcome for your comment and feedback. To cancel your registration, please email us with your member ID and password. Once your identity has been verified, your account will be cancelled.

What is the purpose of Email Verification?

Email verification is to ensure that your email receives the customer’s mail.

Can I change my Member ID?

    This is for Biz Member only. If you want to change your Member ID after registration, please email us.

Can I reactivate my account which has been terminated?

    It will depend on reason of the termination. If it is caused by your account information is incomplete/insufficient, your account can be reactivate within the same day after we approved you resubmission.

What is “Cookies”?

     “cookie” is a small piece of information stored by your browser that helps us to identify you.

What is a merchant deposit?

The merchant deposit is the protection of the buyer. If the merchant is unable to reach a settlement agreement with the buyer, the platform will use the guaranteed amount to provide the buyer with a refund.

Why didn't I receive a full refund ?

Discrepancies between refund and payment amounts are due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Can I pay directly to the seller?

For transaction security, please do not attempt to pay the seller directly in any way.

Payment declines?

It may be because there is not enough money in the account, or because the transaction seems to be suspicious or fraudulent.

Can I still cancel my order if it has been marked as completed?

    Once your order has been marked as completed, you can no longer request a mutual cancellation.

What is a Product Alert?

    Product Alert is a personalized update service that emails you with product categories and industry news that you are interested in. By subscribing to Product Alert, you will get Product Alert Updates and News Alert Updates.

How often will I receive Product Alert? How do I manage the frequency of the alerts?

    By default, alerts are sent out every day. You can also update the alert frequency to “Weekly” on the Settings page.