Company Profiles

Dolworld International Business Advisory(hereinafter referred to as Dolworld)

Our website is just a place/platform for our members to negotiate/interact for global purchases, sales and other business services. Our company has established a global business platform by integrating global resources. By exploring cultural attributes, we are creating a new business model.

There is no doubt that economic globalization is the inevitable trend of future development. With the globalization of the economy, the global online market has become increasingly regular and diversified. By integrating resources, including global direct sales, international trade, translation, lawyers, logistics, global freelancers, life and business, global village and other sub-sites, we have established a global business platform. By overcoming obstacles caused by market channels, currency and language differences, our platform provides effective solutions for users (small and medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises, freelancers) in expanding overseas markets and establishing stable international resources . As the leader of global business information platform. Our platform is dedicated to promoting the integration of SMEs, micro-enterprises and freelancers into the global economy.



Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the most reliable lifestyle and business platform for users (small and medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises, freelancers). We believe that this new business model will lead the sustainable development of the global market. We have established a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate, and we will do better in the future.

Company Culture

Any market has its own cultural characteristics for institutional and cultural reasons. We take cultural attributes as a breakthrough and explore the objective laws of economic globalization.